Friday 24 August 2012

My Seven Years War Rules

A very quick post - the latest version of my SYW rules can be found here, and the playsheet here. Things are mostly the same, but a few tweaks have been made and hopefully one or two points in the rules are now clearer. Following the example of the Maurice rules, there is now no long range for firing, but musket range has been reduced from 12" to 8" to compensate.

Hope you enjoy reading them. 


The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks Keith. We're about to start a new SYW project so will give these a go!

regards WW

Dave said...

Very interesting Keith, I would like to show and tell these rules on the new forum, we have a section for home baked rules and these fit in with our theme perfectly. Ideally it would be great if your could give them a talk through if your so inclined.


Keith Flint said...

Dave, I'm perfectly happy for you to post a link to my blog post for anyone interested. If you prefer, I could make a short post on your forum with direct links to the downloads.

PaintPig said...

That would be marvelous Keith