Monday 6 June 2022

Control The River - A 'Shadow Of The Eagles' Scenario

Just a quick post to flag up a recent SotE game I had with my old buddy Steve. Of particular interest as it uses a table just 4' x 3', and really distinctive 10mm MDF figures. The game in question is scenario 2 from the rulebook itself.

Steve has put out a fine post detailing the action, so I won't tread on his toes by doing the same here. However, there is a supporting post on the SotE blog which adds a few points on the rules and how they functioned.

Angus Konstam
Angus is of course a prolific and highly respected military history author, as well as a well-known wargamer.  I can't resist flagging up Angus's Orkney Wargames blog, as Angus has been trying out SotE recently and seems to be enjoying them. Well worth a visit for the wide variety of games played in all periods.

Hope to see you soon with a bigger post about something really interesting! If I can work out what that might be.

'Til next time!