Monday 6 November 2023

STARTLINE - Wargaming World War Two

I have mentioned previously on this blog my work on a set of company-level WW2 rules inspired by the WRG 1973 set 'Armour and Infantry'. I have spent many pleasant hours working on these rules recently, and thought it was now time to open up the content to my fellow gamers.

The changes to the original rules have increased to the extent that I now consider the rules to be a new and separate set, which I have called Startline. You can go to the group via the link below, and join up if you wish:

All interested wargamers are welcome to join. If you have not received a specific invitation, membership is subject to approval, to keep out spammers. 

You can download the present version of the rules and a few other files I have included for background. At the moment a QRS is not available, mainly because creating one is a bit of an issue. Startline covers the whole of WW2, but each wargamer will only want the details relating to the part of WW2 he or she is gaming. So I'm still working on a useable format.

Those of you on the CWD mailing list should have received an invitation email - if not, one will arrive in the next day ot two. Apologies if this represents unwanted junk mail - just ignore it and it will go away! Wargamers who have expressed an interest in my ongoing work via this site should also receive an invite - but if you want to just go straight to the group and sign up, that's fine.

Finally, this is a just a hobby project at the moment. The group is there for individual gamers to download a set of rules, game with them if they wish, and post any comments or suggestions they have. In other words, we are just exchanging ideas on a personal set of rules. 

I hope to hear from you via the comments on this post, or via the group.