Saturday 8 September 2012

Polish Campaign Link

Assuming that some of the visitors to this blog are interested in the 1939 Polish Campaign, I wanted to post a link to Alexander Kawczynski's blog, Anatoli's Game Room. Apart from a fair amount of other stuff on the blog, Alexander has produced an outstanding resource for wargamers of the Polish Campaign called The September Campaign

Whilst this is at heart an 'orders of battle' booklet aimed at Flames of War players, it is beautifully produced and contains a lot of useful information for any gamer of this campaign. Even better, Alexander has another project in the pipeline to be called 'Poland In Flames', which will be an historical scenario book of even greater interest to non-FoW players.

'The September Campaign' is available as a completely free download, and is a pleasure to read. Thanks to Alexander for an outstanding contribution to wargaming this period and making it so readily available to other wargamers.

Thanks also to Steve J for letting me know about this.

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Steve J. said...

It is a wonderfully produced piece of work and I am very much looking forward to the campaign book.

Now I just need to persuade those nice Pendraken chaps to produce a Polish range...