Wednesday 17 March 2021

Shadow of the Eagles - nearly there!

Well, the manuscript is with the printers, the cover is designed, and you can buy a 'rules only' PDF from Wargame Vault right now. In about 3 weeks the full, hardback rulebook will be available for purchase at £29.95. That's a bit more than I first expected, (it's more of a book than I first expected), but Partizan have pushed the boat out to produce a really nice publication that should live up to the expectations of 21st century wargamers. 

Update as of 31st March - a new cover has been decided upon!

The watermarked PDF is $27.50, around £20 depending on the exchange rate. 'Rules only'? Well, like it says, you only get the rules. The 'Wars and Campaigns' section, which is a more narrative and friendly way of having army lists, is not present, and the examples of play and the notes expanding and explaining the rules are also only in the hardback book. But if you're a Napoleonic grognard who already knows it all and can pick up a set of gaming rules easily, then you can save a bit of money and avoid the P&P. Please note that the PDF is NON-PRINTABLE.

The PDF is, paradoxically, a bit of Old School publishing, allowing gamers to just have the rules, like in the 1970s and 80s before army lists and coffee table rule books were thought of. I think it's quite an interesting marketing idea.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to having the book in my hand in the not too distant future. If you're thinking of buying, rest assured the rules will be supported by a website which will include a forum and a blog, along with the facility for free downloads of any supporting material that might come along post-publication. So all your questions can be answered, and you can find out how other gamers are getting along with the rules. The site is live now. To access the forum and blog you'll need to sign up, but that should be pretty painless. Let me know of any glitches:

You can also check a brief teaser on the Caliver Books Facebook page.

Exciting times! 

'Til next time.