Thursday 4 May 2017

The Action At Annie's Farm

In late April I once again travelled the short distance to Stuart's house for our monthly game. The table was set out with a particularly delightful collection of figures which Stuart had selected from his Tardis-like set of storage cabinets and boxes. In short, an American War of Independence game had been prepared using 40mm figures from the Front Rank AWI range. Annie's Farm itself is from the Caliver 15mm 'Battlefield Buildings' range.

The units were infantry regiments or battalions of 10 figures each. No cavalry or artillery were present. The British had 7 such units plus a 7 figure unit of Indians, whilst the Americans had 9 units. The slight imbalance was corrected by one British unit being grenadiers. Rules in use were (of course) a much simplified version of Charge!, adapted for the narrow table available. These are appended at the end of the post. I was offered my choice of side, and chose the British.

The Set-Up

A sight to gladden the heart of any true wargamer.
Americans to the left, British to the right. Annie's Farm is top left.

American troops lining a wall adjacent to the farm 

British light infantry opposite the crossroads.

Units of the British centre.

The American centre on the hill to the right of the farm.

The Game

The British light infantry hurry forward and claim the crossroads.

Both sides push forward.

This is the British right/American left flank. The British-allied Indians have infiltrated around
the flank of the advancing Americans, exploiting the cover of a small wood.

Once again the master of pointing exhibits his skills. Quite right Stuart, that regiment of yours
is indeed about to have a bad experience!

Determined chaps - just look at those faces! These Americans are pushing forward near the farm.

Around moves 3 to 4 the Americans hurled themselves forward in a series of
desperate charges right across the table.

The British responded in the same spirited manner. Here the Indians engage on the
British right flank, despite being outnumbered.

Action in the centre, with Annie's farm in the background.
'After you with the dice old boy!'

The British light infantry got the best of the hand to hand fighting at the cross roads.

In fact, this was true overall across the table. The dice were kind to the British and the Americans
suffered terribly. Annie's farm was soon under pressure.

The photos give a flavour of the action. With a number of American units removed from the table after suffering two thirds casualties, Stuart conceded.

The Figures
Just a couple of close-ups of the lovely figures it was my pleasure to handle.

The Rules
These simple, one-side-of-A4 rules proved ample for an afternoon's wargaming between gentlemen. A few additional paragraphs might be needed if we play some more games in future. 

CHARGE! For AWI Rules Summary
(Changes suggested in order to allow
for reduced playing area)

Line Infantry   Move and fire (line)    3”                    (Half rates through woods, over
Battalion in line           4½"                 obstacles, on hills)
Column                        7½"

Change formation        6”                    (Maximum move, no firing)

Light Infantry Movement                    9”                    (No firing)
                        Move and fire              6”


Indians            Movement                  9”                    (No firing)
                        Move and fire             6”



Line Infantry Fire

0 - 3"               5, 6 kills                      (1 dice per two figures)
3 - 6"               6 kills                          (grenadiers add +1 to the dice score)


Light Infantry Fire

0 - 3"               4,5,6 kills                    (1 dice per two figures)

3 - 6"               5,6 kills                       (Note that specific individual targets need 6

6 – 9”              6 kills                          whatever the range)               


Musketry Fire in Melees

Distance of Charge  Type of Target          Range for Musketry Effect

0-3”                             All                               Firing not allowed
over 3 – 6”                  Cavalry                       Long range
over 3 – 6”                  Dismounted                Short range
over 6”                        All                               Long range

(Roll one dice per figure.)
Infantry v irregular infantry and infantry v infantry, individual combats,
grenadiers add +1 to each dice.
RESULT: Draw unless one side scores more than one dice ‘pip’ than the other. Casualties include those from any fire received when charging.
DRAW – both sides withdraw half a move, rally next turn.
WINNER – Rally on spot next turn.
LOSER withdraws one move, then rallies next turn.
UNDER STRENGTH: Units become under strength when they have lost 2/3rds their number and are immediately removed from play.

First Version: April 2017

Thanks to Stuart for arranging such a treat. Once again the world's cares were set aside for a couple of hours whilst we played with our toys in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Wargaming at its best.