Friday, 1 February 2013

Dayton Painting Consortium Do It Again

Having experienced a modest improvement in my financial situation recently, I resolved to do what I have been promising myself for some time - I would order some painted units from the manufacturers of my beloved RSM95s, namely the Dayton Painting Consortium.

I am fairly close to completing my planned SYW collection, and the thought of racing to the finish by buying painted figures was too much to resist. As for that thing that some people have about only really 'identifying' with figures that you have painted yourself... well, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. These are great figures painted just the way I like them, and I already (after about 5 hours of ownership) have a great affection for them. They were bought with my own hard earned cash and that's quite good enough for me.

These are first and second battalions, Prussian IR4. This is just as they arrived, apart from  some straightening of bayonets etc. which took about 2 minutes.

Close up of same. The idea was I would rebase them to match the rest of my units, but for the moment I don't have the heart. They're great as they are.

So, we have 2 x 18 figure battalions which cost me $120 for both, including the unpainted figures, paint job, basing, flags and postage from the USA. That works out at £2.11p per figure, which I consider outstanding value. As you can see, the painting standard is very good, certainly a higher standard than I paint to.

The even better news is that I found that they paint to order, for the same price (basically, $3 per painted figure), so I have some Bavarians and Freikorps on their way as well. Happy Days!

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Capt Bill said...

Handsome lads, indeed!RSM figures are my favorites too. Now get them into battle...

Andy McMaster said...

They look good and a bargain at the price! I've been emailing Richard this week to arrange another order. Not a huge one but enough to give my Imagi forces a little boost.

Look forward to seeing the other figures when they arrive.


DeanM said...

They look great - a fine addition to your collection. Dean

Ross Mac said...

Don't forget, in the early days of wargaming, many wargamers built armies by buying boxed sets of painted toy soldiers. So you're following tradition really.

They certainly look like good and sound like a bargain.

Steve J. said...

Very nice looking figures Keith and excellent value. I for one really enjoy the whole modelling and painting part of the hobby, but then I always have from my earliest days of wargaming with Airfix kits and soldiers.

I look forward tp your next post that I hope will be liberally laced with your acerbic wit!

Keith Flint said...

Ross Mac - ah yes, boxed sets of painted figures! I still buy my son (now 21) a few Britains figures every Christmas for old times sake.

In these days of £30 rule sets I'm surprised some company hasn't taken advantage of cheap foreign labour to produce relatively inexpensive sets of painted figures.