Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A New Project (3)

I know, I know, you're all desperate to know how the Polish/Dutch airfield attack project has progressed since the last update. Well, things are developing a little slower than I'd hoped (what a surprise!), but they are developing and I should be ready for a game in a couple of weeks. Craig has sent me a photo of the fallschirmjager he will be lending me, now fully painted and based to his usual very high standard. What a lad.

Two great things about having someone else provide these boys - their different style will make them stand out nicely on the table from the airlanding troops, and (much more importantly) I have been spared the expense and time of producing them. In fact, had Craig not stepped forward, the hassle of creating the extra troops may have stopped the project in its tracks at the outset.

The runways are now cut out and ready to go, and I have a couple of very nice card hangars downloaded and put together by Steve, who can do that sort of thing much better than I can. Six Zvezda Ju-52s arrived from Santa on Christmas day, and completing these is well under way. Three are finished, and the other 3 are made up and await painting. I have decided 8 will be needed for the game, but yes, you guessed it, a friend has stepped in to offer 2 more (Steve again). Frankly though, these little models are such a pleasure to build and paint I might be tempted to order up a couple more anyway. 

Anyway, the little airfield scene below gives you an idea of how things are looking. The Junkers even come with flight stands which will be perfect for depicting the arrival of the airlanding troops. You know, I think I should have a go at painting the frames on those cockpits.

Hoping to offer a battle report in the not too distant future, with a full scenario and force composition. Time to get painting!


Steve J. said...

Thanks for the update Keith. The airfield is coming together very nicely and the Staffel (or whatever it would be called) looks great. Now I must pull my finger out and get my two painted.

Looking forward to the scenario testing some time soon

Chris Kemp said...

Those look rather splendid!

I like the idea of using flock paper for a grass airstrip - must pinch that one!

Kind regards, Chris