Friday 6 July 2012

Blitzkrieg Commander Scenario: Save The Brigade!

Having developed an idea for my next Poland game, I thought I would present it as a general scenario, then give the details of the game I actually played in a separate post (once I get around to it - don't hold your breath).

The game incorporates ideas from both the 'Pursuit' and 'Encirclement' scenarios in the BKC rulebook. The defenders have a brigade size unit deployed in the central wooded area. I use the term brigade, but this could be any multi-formation battlegroup suggested by the ground available and the WW2 theatre you are representing. The main force of the attacking side approaches from the east, but a lighter, faster moving force has made an outflanking move and attacks from the north. The defending brigade must extract itself from the trap by retreating over the river and leaving the table to the south west. 

The table size is intended to be 6' x 6', based on using 15mm models. In 6mm you could get away with 4' x 4'. The map below gives the table layout. The river can be crossed only at the bridges: the bridge on the main road can take any unit, the minor bridge can only take units on foot or cavalry. BUA = built up area. The game is set on a flat plain with no hills (just for a change - I hardly ever have a table with no hills). A small enclosure and farm are at the centre of the wooded area by the road.

Game Conditions
The attacker has 50% more points available than the defender. Two thirds of his force (in points or units, as preferred) deploy anywhere on the eastern board edge using mobile deployment. The remaining third deploys on the northern board edge between A and B, also using mobile deployment.  I would suggest that no deductions for flank deployment be used. You may want to specify light, mobile or recce units for this flanking force, the details depending on the armies you have available. No scheduled air or artillery is available due to the rapid nature of the advance that has been made.

The defender deploys in the central wooded area. Units must be evenly spread within this area - no bunching towards the bridges for a quick exit! I won't present any tiresome rules for this, but leave it to the gentlemanly conduct of the player involved. The defender may have his non-vehicle units dug-in, but has no other field defences. He has no scheduled air or artillery - artillery ammo is too scarce to be wasted on general bombardments, whilst the rapid advance of the enemy has not allowed scheduled air to be called in.

The attacker scores a major victory if he breaks the defending battlegroup, and a minor victory if he inflicts 25% casualties on the defender.

The defender must exit his units off the table to the south west, via the table edges enclosed by the river. If he manages to exit 50% of his units he has scored a major victory. If he exits 25% he has scored a minor victory.

Game length 10 turns. Attacker takes first turn.

And That's...
...about it. Of course, I will be playing this as a Poland 1939 scenario, so you can bet that the railway has been put in to accomodate an armoured train in support, which isn't strictly in the scenario. Should anyone actually use this set up, they will doubtless incorporate their own tweaks.

I'm off on my hols soon, so it may be a couple of weeks before I get to play the game and post the results. See you then! 


Steve J. said...

The scenario looks good to me and a nice challenge for both sides. I look forward to your battle report.

Have a nice holiday by the way, hopefully somewhere with sunshine and warmth!

Bryan O said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this scenario. I think I will give it a try this week using my Eastern front armies. I will let you know how it goes. By the way great blog! I will add it to my blog list.

Mark H. said...

I just recently came across your blog while searching for early ww2 scenarios- just great! I'm planning to use your 'Save the Brigade!' scenario at our next mini-con coming up in late spring. We use Rapid Fire, 2nd edition rules, and have played pretty much twice a week for the past two years. We've developed three campaign games covering Barbarossa, Stalingrad, and the Western Desert- still working on small details. We also play ECW era and have a very good campaign system for that era. Keep up the good work!