Thursday 14 May 2020

Free SYW Rules: Post of Honour v.9

Hi everyone. First of all, I hope you are coping with the Covid 19 crisis and finding some good amongst the bad. I am in a very fortunate position myself, and end up feeling rather guilty when I reflect on how tough these times are for some people.

This is just a brief post to flag up the availability of the latest version of Post of Honour. If you haven't encountered them before, they are not meant to replace Honours of War, but are my attempt to produce something a little simpler as an alternative. The rules are also suitable for the War of the Austrian Succession.

Die Schlacht von Leuthen (detail), Carl Rochling.

They can be dowloaded for free directly from these links:

Update 16th May - the downloads are now available in PDF format.

I hope you find the rules of interest. If you visit the Honours of War website, you can find a discussion board dedicated to PoH.

And finally, a reminder to Napoleonic wargamers that the Napoleonic version of PoH, which I have called Shadow of the Eagles, is available at the 'Eagles Shadow' discussion group:

Good luck everyone! 'Til next time.


Peter Douglas said...

I’ll be devouring these this weekend. Is it possible to get you to post these as PDFs. Word docs don’t load on the IPad where as PDFs go straight to Acrobat or IBooks.

Keith Flint said...

Will do Peter. May take a day or two.

Peter Douglas said...

Not a big worry this time around. I downloaded them as word files to my MacBook and printed them as PDFs.

Jim Walkley said...

Thanks for that Keith - I will scour it for changes. I must admit, though, that I found Honours of War pretty straightforward.
I too tend to feel guilty about my situation - 'vulnerable group', retired, garden to sit in to enjoy the weather here, absorbing hobby. I also feel guilty about the country/world my lucky (generally)generation has left for our children and grandchildren. I think we have to believe the guilt doesn't help anyone and do what we can to help.
Sorry, perhaps not appropriate for a wargame blog.
Best wishes and stay healthy. Jim.

Keith Flint said...

Entirely appropriate Jim. Always nice to hear from you.

captbill said...

unfortunately unable to download, an error is indicated...captbill

Keith Flint said...

Downloads are now PDFs. I hope that helps.

Earl Cardigan said...

Thanks for access to this SYW set...

I understand you are also working on a set of rules suitable for the Crimean War.....any news on progress? Cheers Chris

Keith Flint said...

Sadly the Crimean thing got shelved. It was a co-operative project between myself, Dave Ryan at Partisan and Stuart Asquith, but with Stuart's sad death, I'm afraid the 'oomph' went out it.

Keith Flint said...

out of it.

Brent said...

Thanks for sharing. These look clean for club play!