Tuesday 28 September 2010

My Seven Years War Rules

My Featherstone-inspired Horse and Musket rules, now optimised for Austro-Prussian SYW battles, have continued to evolve. Rather than present them as a mega-long post, I have uploaded them to a file sharing site (as 'Horse and Musket Rules') so that you can download them as a PDF and see what you think. One major recent change is to move away from figure or base removal and just record casualties a la Black Powder. This keeps all your miniatures where they should be - on the table.

Anyway, I invite you to take the plunge, download the rules and see what you think. Need I add that comments are welcome? Surely not!

Download PDF


Ross Mac said...

They look interesting, a mix of familiar and new. When I get my table cleared off, I'll give them a whirl.


Capt Bill said...

I agree, they look good, our group will give them a go. Thanks for sharing...