Wednesday 28 January 2009

New Prussian Jager

Readers of some of my earlier posts will know painting is not my favourite part of the hobby. Nevertheless, progress is occasionally made, and I have been able to add these Prussian jager to my Seven Years War collection recently.

The figures are, of course, RSM95s (what else?). I decided to create a composite battalion of four stands, for a bit of variety. The two stands on the left are from the Feldjager-Corps zu Fuss, what you might call the 'normal' Prussian jager. The other two stands are from the jager detachment of Frei-Corps Le Noble. These latter stands use the 'Austrian Jager Advancing' figure from RSM, with the hat plume removed, plus a standard officer figure. All painted mostly in Humbrol enamels with the odd acrilic colour for the detail areas, then finished with a coat of acrylic matt varnish.

I intend to give these chaps their first outing in my next game, which will be a refight of the Grant/Asquith scenario 'Encirclement or Breakout', from their book Scenarios For All Ages. With luck a report of the action should form my next post. Bet you can't wait!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Well, we'll have to wait, won't we?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice to see some tricornes around! Nice work, too :-)
I shall await your battle report with anticipation. :-)


Hi Keith,

You visited my blog and left a comment that interrested me. You say that you would like to play with 'our sort' of set up.

Nows your chance then. There is a place open to play a Crusades demo game at Sheffield Triples on Sat. Sun. or both. It's gonna be a biggy - over 1000 Perrys including 400 cavalry figs (see blog). You only have to commit to play for the day - the 'Lads' will field punters.

I understand that Bristol is a long way away, but if you are interrested, contact me via my latest blog post.

James Roach/Olicanalad

Keith Flint said...

James, thank you for your generous offer. I would love to come up and broaden my wargame horizons, but as you say it is a fair way.

I will have to check the diary and see if the C-in-C Home Forces agrees.

Perhaps I could let you know in a few days. Thanks again, Keith.

Josh said...

Lovely stuff. I have just got hold of Scenarios for all Ages myself and it would be great to see one played out, roll on the battle report!