Friday, 2 December 2022

Honours of War Website Membership Requests

Hi all, just a quick post regarding the Honours of War website. I'm currently receiving a very large number of obviously false requests for membership, and this has led me to reset the approval procedure. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing whether individual requests for membership are genuine or not. 

Whilst I'm trying to sort this out, please post here with your username if you are trying to join up, and I will find your request and approve it. A short message showing you are really an interested wargamer and not a spammer would be helpful as well.

Apologies to any potential members of the website.

Best wishes, Keith.

EDIT: 9th December
Following some work by I have removed the requirement for member applications to be moderated by myself. So membership should now be automatic once you have registered. Please continue to advise me via the comments section of this post if you have any problems.