Monday 12 April 2021

Cotswold Wargaming Day - It's Back!

So, it's time at last to schedule the post-covid Cotswold Wargaming Day. This year it will be a little later than in 2019, and is currently planned for Sunday 3rd October 2021. Venue is the same as in previous years:

Westwoods Community Centre
Bassett Road
Northleach GL54 3QJ

I'm hoping to be able to accommodate a few more than in 2019 (we had 30 of us that year), but at the moment the centre is opening for a maximum of 30 people. By October that should have improved. If you're not already on the mailing list, contact me via the comments section if you are interested in attending or putting on a game.

The current holders of the Stuart Asquith Trophy for Best Game.
Stuart Surridge and the Wyvern Wargamers.

There will be the usual facilities (kitchen area, free tea, coffee and biscuits), and the usual prize giving for various categories of achievement. Car parking is free and plentiful. This is an all-day event from around 08.30 to around 17.00 - the caretaker is very flexible. The normal £5 voluntary contribution to cover costs is requested. 

I am hoping the day will not clash with other covid-delayed events - I know that The Other Partizan has been re-scheduled for the following Sunday. I'll certainly be trying to do both!

To conclude, just a little bit of eye candy to remind us of our lost friend Stuart Asquith, who lived in Northleach until his untimely death in 2019, not long after attending the show which he had inspired. These are a couple of photos of his collection of Suren 30mm figures.


So, fingers crossed and we will have a lovely day of relaxed wargaming, meeting old friends and making new ones. Hope to see you there!


Jim Walkley said...

Although I won't be able to attend I wish you good luck with that Keith. Let's hope things continue to improve. Best wishes. Jim

Steve J. said...

I'm really looking forward to this show and fingers crossed things all go to plan on the Covid easing front!

The Tiberian General. said...

Excellent news Keith looking forward to it. Steve and myself have booked a day pass each and have our passports ready to leave Devon.

Stay safe and happy gaming,
Willz Harley

Neil Moulden said...

Great news. I can bring a small 6mm old school WW2 game I'm working on if it would be of any interest? Good old WRG rules.


Keith Flint said...

Sounds interesting Neil - I'll put you down for a table. As you will have seen on this blog I'm working with the 1973 WRG rules myself.

Unknown said...


I’d be interested in attending. I’ll think about bringing a game!


Jon Salway said...

This all looks great. Just found your blog!

Stuart S said...

Looking forward to it Keith... Just need to pull a game together now.
It will be great to get back into regular gaming.

Chris Gregg said...

Looking forward to being there and imposing myself on someone to join their game - always plenty of choice. Thanks for organising it again. cheers Chris

Paul Brazell said...

I really enjoyed the 2019 event, so please add my name to the 2021 list. I look forward to everyone meeting up. All the best. Paul.

Amtmann B. said...

I wish you good luck with your event. We all miss concerts and events and hope to enjoy fine company.
Unfortunately I don't live in the UK. Your event would be on my list for sure.

Mike Charney said...

I'd like to attend if I can.

Keith Flint said...

That's great Mike. Hope to see you there.

Jonathan 173 said...

Hi Keith

Just found your blog and realise I live just round the corner in Little Rissington, would if you have any space be happy to put on a mid imperial Roman or general d’armee napoleonic game …… you might like to have a look at my YouTube channel to see some of the games I do, have a look at this link if you like,



Keith Flint said...

Hi Jonathan, nice to hear from you. No problem with having a table at the present time, I'll add you to my list. Actually I'd love the chance to see how a General D'Armee game worked, if you're agreeable. Thanks for getting in touch - I'll add you to the mailing list if you're prepared to send your email address (which I'll delete as soon as I've copied it). If not, just keep an eye on the blog.

Jonathan 173 said...
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Keith Flint said...

Jonathan, got your last. There'll be an email going out in the next week or two. There should be plenty of room for your table - unless you're looking for something bigger than 8' x 6'.

Jonathan 173 said...

Thanks Keith, 8 by 6 would be great, looking forward to it,


Dan said...

Hi Keith
Is it ok just to turn up on the day if I can find time

Keith Flint said...

Yes Dan, no problem. You would be very welcome.