Wednesday 25 March 2020

Cotswold Wargaming Day 2020

To those of you who saw the 'Ghost Post' regarding this event (yes, it was there and then it was gone), my sincere apologies. The date I initially settled on turned out to be the date of The Other Partizan, which is a pretty big show on the wargaming calendar. I didn't want anyone to suffer from divided loyalties, and of course I wanted as many people as possible to be able to attend both shows - and with my own being much the smaller, the Cotswold event would have been the one to suffer.

The hall last year.

So, let's start again. For a variety of reasons which I won't go into, the show will be a bit later this year, and will be held on Sunday 18th October. With luck, this later date will also increase the chances of avoiding cancellation due to Covid-19. Those who have attended in previous years and those on my mailing list will be receiving an email from me shortly. However, to be honest there is little to add to last year's info - it will be the same venue and the same ethos, perhaps with the ability to offer space to one or two extra games.

So, with luck, 8-10 games, no traders, but an informal 'wargaming market' where you can offload stuff you don't want, and acquire stuff you never knew you wanted at knock-down prices. Minimal entry fee and free tea, coffee and biscuits.

Last year again - quality figures by Phil Olley.
To summarise:

SUNDAY 18TH OCTOBER, 08.30 - 17.00
GL54 3QJ

Fingers crossed for a good outcome to the present pandemic. My sincere best wishes to everyone regarding the very difficult times to come.


Steve J. said...

Let's hope this has all cleared up by then so we can resume normal gaming activities. I've pencilled it in the diary and fingers crossed we can meet up in October.

Stuart S said...

Morning Keith - It's a yes from the Wyvern's.
Looking forward to catching up - just imagine how many extra's we will have painted by then :-)
Best wishes

Graham C said...

Duly noted. Hope I'm getting an invite 🤣 Would love to put a game on.

Keith Flint said...

Stuart and Graham - thanks guys. You're on the team and officially invited.

Stuart S said...

Thanks Keith it will be quite a celebration when we come out of hibernation :-)

Chris Gregg said...

Thank you for this Keith, a definite date is good to aim at. If Graham C is putting on a game please include me in and you might schedule a visit to Oakridge too while in this neck of the Cotswolds.
Chris G

Neil Moulden said...

Looking forward to this after the long lock in. I've changed my email. Cheers

Keith Flint said...

Thanks Neil. Duly noted.

Wargamer Stu said...

Lets hope we are well clear of the restrictions by then. Still we all have lots of time to prepare wonderful games

Michael Johnson said...

Hi Keith, just to confirm my interest in putting on a 25mm ACW display or game for 2020, if not 2021, if you have space for me. Best, Michael J

Keith Flint said...

Thanks Michael, duly noted. There will be a collective email soon when I get more info on availability of the hall.