Sunday 15 December 2019

New Napoleonic Rules - 'Shadow of the Eagles'

Some of you may be aware that I have been developing a Napoleonic version of my Post of Honour SYW rules. I felt it was time to give these rules their own distinct title. I had one or two ideas of my own, but I also appealed on the Google group for suggestions:

Shadow of the Eagles group with download

My sincere thanks to Michael Heynen for the excellent idea that I have now adopted, which evokes the French eagle standard and the eagles so prominent in the heraldry of the Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies.

Please join the group, download the rules and feedback any comments or suggestions.

I have been a little disappointed with the limited functionality of Google Groups. Looking for something better I found '', who seem to be taking over from Yahoo Groups as the latter close down. A Yahoo-style group should offer a much better experience for members, with proper files and photos sections and a much more intuitive messages list. So I have a created a new group at the following location:

Shadow of the Eagles -

Now, present members of the Google group should find themselves transferred to the new group automatically in the near future - you should receive an email from when that happens. However, although the process is basically simple, it seems to be rather slow - I think are a bit snowed under at the moment with all the groups transferring from Yahoo.

So if you want to just join the new group, please go ahead and request membership on the site. For any new wargamers interested in the rules, ignore the old Google Groups site and go straight to the new one. There aren't any discussion threads started at the moment, but the rules and playsheets are all available for free download.

I'm afraid there's no good news for those reluctant to give their email addresses - email is the way these groups work, so you don't have much choice. All I can suggest is that you might create a specific email just for the group, so that your usual main email doesn't get used.

Thanks for your patience whilst the new group builds.

Those of you reluctant to give out an email, and therefore wary of joining either of the above groups, may find reassurance in the following post on TMP:

Shadow of the Eagles - TMP


Anonymous said...

Me and my gaming mates really like Honours of War, so I'm very interested to see what these are like. However, I'm not keen on leaving my address around on the internet too much. Sorry to be a pain, but is there a way of signing up without doing that, do you know?

Keith Flint said...

I understand your reluctance to have your email out there, but in this particular case I don't think there's much to worry about. I'm afraid that making your email available is pretty much what Google groups is about, and I can't seem to configure the group to work in any other way. If someone with more knowledge can tell me there is an alternative I am all ears.

I am, however, investigating moving the discussion group to another platform with better functionality, so there may be hope there of broadening the membership. Perhaps you can join us then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Keith. I'll keep an eye out!