Monday 28 January 2019

I Love HCH Figures' Persian Immortals

With the crappy Warlord Games figures placed in the spares box (see previous post), I decided to splash out and get myself a painted unit of HCH Figures Immortals. Now, I acknowledge these figures (from the Tin Soldier range) may not be to everyone's taste, being perhaps a bit old-fashioned in look, but I have come to like them very much. 

As usual, customer service was excellent. The lady at HCH was willing to swap a couple of shields so that my officer and standard bearer shields matched everyone else's. The figures were despatched the same day as they were ordered, and arrived next day, Royal Mail first class. Each figure came in its own bubble wrap pocket, with shield and spear individually wrapped in tissue paper. And all this for less p&p than Warlord charge - I have waited a week for my Warlord orders to arrive.

The photos below will, I hope, speak for themselves. Total cost including 16 figures, painting and p&p was £66.50, or £4.15 a figure. I had to assemble the figures and base them myself. The quality of painting alone makes this price a bargain, IMHO.

As you can see, the spearmen come without bows so I added in 4 bowmen figures to give the impression of a unit with both shooting and toe-to-toe melee capability. 

A great unit which I can't wait to get on the table. Eat your heart out Warlord!


Steve J. said...

Now these have the right feel of a rank-and-file unit:). Well worth the cost IMHO.

Norm said...

They are lovely, simply nice to own ..... it’s almost a bonus that you can game with then too :-)

johnpreece said...

I rather like those, far more like a body of close order infantry than the dancing idiots. I do like a bit of dignity in my guard infantry.

As to cost say £1. 15 for the casting, and 50p for the postage packing and paint, varnish and brushes. Another 50p for premises, heat and light, National Insurance plus tax and sick/holiday pay. That leaves £2.00 which would buy you 15 minutes of work at the minimum wage or maybe 6 minutes of a skilled workers time.

I think bargain is a bit of an understatement. Probably another unit is called for.

Khusru said...

Very attractive. I've looked several times at these. The temptation is getting to great to resist.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Painting is superb! A bargain, for sure!

Natholeon said...

The painting is excellent and the figures rank so nicely. Great investment there!

Keith Flint said...

John - 'dancing idiots'! Love it. Another unit? Get thee behind me Satan.

All - It does the heart good to find that I'm not the only one thinking along these lines. Thanks for showing your appreciation.

Mad Padre said...

You've done a fabulous job in painting them, really first rate work with their ornate robes. Bravo zulu.

Keith Flint said...

Michael, thanks, but I can't claim the painting kudos. Perhaps I should have made it clearer that these figures come painted - which is one of their great attractions for me!