Friday 5 October 2018

Free Rules! 'Simple Seven Years War'

Just a very short post to point readers who might be interested towards my Honours of War website, where I have uploaded some new SYW rules.

I have been experimenting recently with some simpler forms of rules for Horse and Musket wargaming. The SYW being an area where I have a reasonable amount of knowledge, I thought this might be the best period to start with, especially when offering them to others. And a SYW-themed website provides an opportunity to get some informed feedback.

So, I invite you to visit:

The new rules are at the bottom of the list. A note of caution - these rules are a work in progress. They definitely function, but they will certainly be altered, tweaked and otherwise adapted as time goes on. You can be part of that process - just go the appropriate thread and leave any comments:

Be sure to read the 'Notes to the Rules' before sounding off!

Back soon with more interesting shit (as the young people say).


Peter Douglas said...

Got these last night. I think you're selling yourself short as I may want to give em a go.

Natholeon said...

Hi Keith. I like the look of these. I'll definitely be giving them a go.

Jim Walkley said...

Hello Keith
Although I am happy with HoW, these simple rules look interesting and I will give them a try.
As you say that comments unrelated to the post are welcome, may I ask if you have found any problems with your 'new' tables - I can't believe it is 6 years since you got them! I have the chance of a semi-permanent wargame room and am considering getting a couple of these tables, albeit not at your bargain price. I am not sure the investment would be worth it at my age but it seems I would be able to play more games and on a larger table.
Best wishes

Keith Flint said...

Nice to hear from you Jim. The tables have been a good purchase - very solid and durable. I find a 6 x 5 table gives better games than 6 x 4, which is a nice little benefit. The bevelled edges are the only real problem, which is easily solved by some extra wide (75mm) masking tap, as shown on the original post.

Jim Walkley said...

Thanks for our response Keith. The extra foot is attractive and, as I would be using terrain boards (the sadly defunct Purbeck Terrain) I think the bevelled edges would not be a problem but, as you say, that would be soluble. Now I have to check my measurements to make sure I can get round.
Best wishes.

fillikir72518 said...
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