Sunday 30 November 2014

Hell Yeah!

A Pleasant Surprise
The very lovely Richard Couture at the Kronoskaf Seven Years War website has made this blog his Website of the Month for December, which is very nice of him. If you are visiting as a result of this, welcome. 
If on the other hand you have an interest in the SYW and haven't yet found the Kronoskaf site, I recommend it unreservedly as an outstanding source of information on this particular era of military history. It is also constantly being improved and updated.

The Roaring Inferno of Industrial Wargaming
Now, being nice is all very well, but I have a set of rules (specific to the Seven Years War) to perfect before the end of January next year, and I need your help. Below you can see the cover artwork for Honours of War, to be published next year by Osprey Wargames. Regular visitors know all this already but I'm hoping to interest new visitors prompted by Kronoskaf.

So, regular visitor or new one, I'm hoping you might want to take a minute to visit the Honours of War Yahoo Group. Members of the group have been very helpful in ironing out a few problems and suggesting improvements to the rules, but things have been a bit quiet of late and some new blood might be just the thing. The rules plus a playsheet and some explanatory diagrams can be downloaded from the files section. 
Anything from first impressions following a quick read-through to the results of a full playtest will be gratefully received. Or, if you're feeling nasty, just download the rules and avoid paying for them when they come out. What the hell. Although you will miss a very reasonably priced but excellent quality booklet with some very nice illustrations.

Ooh! Nice!
The rules will be one of the current 'Osprey Wargames' series, retailing at £11.99 at present, which I reckon produces a great balance between an affordable price and a well produced product. And regarding those illustrations, below find a teaser of the quality of photos you can expect. These crackers have been provided for us by James 'Olicanalad' Roach, whose website was the first ever Kronoskaf Website of the Month. Enjoy, and I hope to see you on the Yahoo Group.

Russians (below the river) meeting Prussians

Prussian artillery.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the book!!!

Jim Walkley said...

I expect the Yahoo group has been quiet because there is little or nothing to improve. I thought there was longer to go before you had to be ready - time flies.

The sample of the pictures which will be in the book is very nice.

I am nearing the end of a test game and will report in the next few days.

Best wishes.

Keith Flint said...

Jim, you say all the right things. Fingers crossed...

Tim D said...

Hope it goes well.

Mad Padre said...

Thanks to you I now know about the Kronoskaf website! Great find.
Again, best of luck with your rules.

Dwarfy Mcgee said...


Will we also get a healthy serving of block painted figures in your book?

Keith Flint said...

Well, I might sneak a couple of photos of my stuff in if I can improve my photography.