Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Battle! - The Missing Chapters

Now I've owned Charles Grant's Battle! Practical Wargaming since the reprint came out in 1972. Of the classic wargaming books on my shelf, it is unique in being the only one bought at the time, not borrowed repeatedly from the library at the time and then finally bought decades later. This book was central to my wargaming for many years - I used the original rules, then adapted them extensively.

I thought I knew this book inside out, but there was evidently one thing I didn't know. The book was, of course, constructed from a series of articles in Meccano Magazine. But (possibly for reasons to do with the size of the book, or time constraints), there were six articles in the magazine that didn't become chapters in the book, dealing with terrain and the use of maps.

I guess a number of you will already know this. This post is one of those where I try and publicise something that others have found out, so that it might be known more widely. So, if this interests you, go to God bless John from New Zealand for telling us all about this on his blog. Downloading the missing chapters is entirely free and legal.

And there's more. An 'expanded' version of the original book is also now on sale from Caliver Books. I thumbed through a copy at Colours, but didn't take too much in. A bit of supplementary content and a few colour pics if I remember rightly. The 'missing chapters' are included. I decided it was not worth the £27.50 asking price for me, but you may well disagree if you check it out.


Cesar Paz said...

Thank you very much for sharing Keith
Regards, Cesar

Steve J. said...

Hi Keith,
thanks for bringing this to our attention. I shall peruse these articles at a future date.
Steve J.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Keith for this older but helpful post, as I retrace my early wargaming roots.
Carl L.