Monday 2 March 2009

A Thank You

So, the blog has now passed the 2000 visits mark. Just a short post to say thanks to any and all who have visited, and an especial thanks if you have taken the trouble to post a comment.

Posts in the pipeline are another Benghazi Handicap AAR (probably 'Rally Forward'), a Polish scenario and maybe a set of 18th Century rules (simple) developed from the Featherstonian set already posted. I know, just what the wargaming world needs, another set of rules. Well, it keeps me happy!

A few photos just to make the post a bit more worthwhile. Thanks again everyone.

Swiss pikemen of the Italian Wars (15mm). This unit was part of the army sold to finance my SYW collection. Gone but not forgotten!

French heavy cavalry of the Italian Wars.

Advancing Polish hordes from a 2007


Fitz-Badger said...

Thank you for sharing with us!
I'll look forward to the 18th century rules. I'm always on the lookout for simple rules. Trying to find either a set that fits me or at least some ideas to "borrow" to cobble together my own rules.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Congratulations on your milestone.

-- Jeff

Pjotr said...


I've become a keen "follower" of your blog. First of all because of the levelheaded comments (if that is the right expression in English) and secondly because of your ongoing search for 7YW wargame rules...
Because of your blog I bought Minden Rose. Today I had a go at "The Wargame" and now I wonder wath all the fuss is about.
After I figured out General the Brigade napoleonic rules I'll probably try out Die Kriegskunst. But then, after reading your latest posts, it dawned on me...I really enjoy a very old set of Napoleonic rules from the Tunbridge Wells wargame club (1970's mix of Grant, Featherstone, Wise etc....). Maybe it would be easier to convert these into 18C warfare.
Anyway...please share your rules with us. And please keep up this blog, it's really high quality reading.

Peter (from Belguim)

Keith Flint said...


Thank you for posting such kind words.

I was interested to read the article from Angus Konstam in issue 14 of 'Battlegames' magazine. He found Minden Rose to be a bit simple for his taste, in just the same way I found Die Kriegskunst a bit too complex for my taste. Both are good sets of rules. My own are simpler again than Minden Rose.

Will add them to the blog soon.

Best wishes, Keith.