Sunday, 4 July 2021

Wargames Illustrated 403

Just a quick post of a self-serving nature. But then I guess most blog posts are of a largely self-serving nature, when one thinks about it.

Anyway, issue 403 of WI has an article on Shadow of the Eagles, written by me. It forms part of the 'Designer Notes' series.

Many thanks to Dan Faulconbridge for the opportunity - the layout/design guys have done a really nice spread for me over 4 pages. I'd also say the rest of the magazine is well worth a look.

I'm hoping to feature an SotE game soon with real Napoleonic figures, so stay tuned - 'til next time!

P.S. - that Napoleonic game can now be seen on the Shadow of the Eagles blog.


Paul Liddle said...

Good on you Keith, I'll have to have a look at your new rules, I really enjoy Honours of War.
As for blogging, a while back I caught myself only playing games that I thought would suit my readers. I don't do that now though and just post for myself like a sort of diary.

Neil said...

Great! I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Prufrock said...

Nice one!

Jennifer said...

Reading the issue now. I have a copy of Airborne Armour - one of my very favorites, honestly, picked up on the strength of a single photo in the Squadron Signal book on Stuart Tanks. Your rules don't grab me, but then I lean towards older, simpler rules and recently tried Stuart Asquith's cut-down Charge! that you provided on an older blog post. Enjoyed them.