Monday, 27 July 2020

Partizan Press to publish 'Shadow of the Eagles'

Hi everyone, just a brief post with the news that Partizan Press have agreed to publish my Napoleonic wargaming rules, Shadow of the Eagles. I would like to thank Dave Ryan for the opportunity to have a second set of horse and musket rules out there with my name on them. I've no idea what the cover will look like, so don't take the picture below as any indication of appearance. But all posts need some eye candy.

Napoleon at Wagram, Horace Vernet
OR - "These rules are no good. I can see something better on the way."

There are two things I can assure everyone of. First, the rules will have the same level of online support post-publication as Honours of War. I will be setting up a permanent website that includes a forum. Secondly, the rules will be dedicated to Stuart Asquith, with thanks for his friendship and inspiration.

If you are interested in the Napoleonic period and haven't already joined the discussion/playtest group, I would like to encourage you to do so. Your comments and suggestions will  make the rules better.

I hope to see you over there. 


Steve J. said...

Great news Keith and a nice touch to dedicate the book to the memory of Stuart Asquith.

Amtmann B. said...


I wish you a lot of success.

Jim Walkley said...

Well done Keith. You deserve this success.

Stuart S said...

Brilliant Stuff Keith well done.
Hopefully we will get to see them put into practice later this year.
Best wishes

Keith Flint said...

Thanks gentlemen. You're very kind.

Delta Coy said...

Great news - looking forward to getting it. Cheers Greg

Wargamer Stu said...

A very nice touch for them to be dedicated to Stuart-the-Elder. Hopefully we can have a game in his honour at some point when its safe.

Jennifer said...

Definitely interested. I greatly enjoyed your Airborne Armour book and have read Honours of War, too (haven't got a chance to play, though). Will join the playtest discussion site if it's still open.

Benjamin of Wight said...

Hi Keith, looking forward to these, tried to register months ago to the forum but my account is still waiting to be approved?