Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Final Spurt

Oh Matron! What I mean is, 2014 is destined to be the year that I complete my Seven Years War armies. Things have dragged on quite long enough, and now that I can afford to get figures painted for me rather than doing all my own painting the rate of completion of the final units will increase from extremely sluggish to... magnificently gradual.

Following the arrival of a recent order from RSM Miniatures, the first units to be completed were my Austrian grenadier battalions; so now I have a brigade of three.

Grenadier battalions Soro, Fiorenza and Siskovics

Also recently acquired are some heavy guns. I simply had to see how good the new Fife and Drum artillery was, and as Mr Purky doesn't do an Austrian gun as yet, I bought a couple of the Napoleonic Austrian 12pdrs from Front Rank. I preferred the look of the latter to the generic SYW 12pdr Front Rank offer. Not much to choose between the 2 manufacturers in terms of quality - both are excellent.

Fife & Drum Prussian 12pdr on left, Front Rank Austrian 12pdr on right.

And Wargaming As Well!
Just to prove the odd game is still getting played, a few photos from a recent SYW bash. Nothing fancy, just your typical weekend evening pick up game. The attacking Prussians won, by the way.

Table set up. I'm finding my new 6' x 5' table size very useful.

The Austrian defenders.

Those sneaky Grenzers secure the Austrian left flank.

How it all ended. The Austrians were conclusively overcome.
Those cavalry on the near baseline are actually Prussian Hussars - the devils
broke through  between the village and Grenzers and took me in the rear. Ouch!
I guess that explains the camera shake.

Standby for some interesting news - coming up in the next post.


Mark Dudley said...


I am not convinced that you will be able to finish your SYW collection that easy. Perhaps a Russian or Reichsarmee contingent.

Are you still using your own rules for the SYW ?

I have a copy of your earlier Featherstone inspired version and I am hoping to give them a whirl with a few ideas of my own thrown in.



Keith Flint said...

You're a bad person Mark. Reichsarmee? Interesting...

Regarding those rules, things have moved on significantly. Watch this space...

Cheers, Keith.

tradgardmastare said...

Figures look great.I agree a chap really needs some Reichsarmee...
I await the announcement with interest.

Steve J. said...

Good to see things have progressed on the SYW front in all respects. Now a Reichsarmee would be nice;)

Jim Walkley said...

Hello Keith. The Reichsarmee has also tempted me, which it shouldn't as I have yet to complete the Austrians and Prussians and the Reichsarmee uniforms are very similar to these. By the way, believing that a good idea is worth stealing, I recently played the Hochkirch scenario using Black Powder. Half the Austrians were slow coming on but eventually overwhelmed the Prussians in an exciting game. Further proof that scenarios need not be balanced.
Looking forward to your next post.

Keith Flint said...

Jim, interested to hear about your refight of Hochkirk. Did you base the forces on my own scenario from the blog? If not, would be interested in your OOB's for both sides, and your set up. Any photos?

Cheers, Keith.

Jim Walkley said...

As I wanted a quick game as a break from painting (which seems to go on for ever!) I stole the set up in its entirety although my units were slightly smaller than yours. I am afraid I don't usually bother with photos as my painting is only good enough for me, or my son, to see. Sorry.

Keith Flint said...

Thanks Jim. It's always satisfying when ideas from the blog are of some use to other gamers.

littlejohn said...

Hey Keith, Finally able to contact you regarding your blog…Very cool and feel free to use any of the scenarios over at Lead Gardens and I love seeing what guys do with them.

I'm finally blogging again so hopefully some more stuff on my end with come soon.

Keith Flint said...

Thanks Littlejohn - good luck with the blogging, I'll be keeping an eye. Your blog was always one of my favourites.