Tuesday 24 September 2013

DBA - We're Lovin' It!

Very pleased to have got into this gaming system. If it wasn't for DBA, I wouldn't be getting any wargaming in at all.

My buddy Paul and I have got into something of a routine. Paul will pop over for a couple of hours, we'll set up a game, play it, then reverse forces for a second game. Then it takes me about 10 minutes to pack up. Simples! Our limited free time has hardly been dented but we have enjoyed an absorbing and enjoyable game with real toy soldiers. 

A couple of photos from our latest session below. I am experimenting with a bit of railway scenic background that I bought a while back. Forgive the quality - these are just quick snaps.

My Ancient British warband waits on the hill in the foreground. As the legionaries inched closer, they couldn't resist a downhill charge, but it didn't come off. Too many elements lost, and victory for the Romans. 

Second game. Now I was the Romans. Waiting for a favourable turn, I charged uphill into the enemy warband, this time with even worse results than my last attack. I thought stacking my auxiliaries in column near the river, ready to pounce across the bridge, was dead clever, but casualties amongst the legionaries lost me the game anyway.

I find I'm getting back into felt scenery these days. It sticks so well to TSS tiles and is very flexible and cheap. I don't think it looks too bad either. The felt bases for woods are essential in DBA, as the wooded area needs to be clearly defined. In my SYW and Polish games, I find I am deploying my felt roads almost all the time now. The fancy rubber roads I bought a while back tend to stay in storage.

If you're thinking of moving into felt terrain pieces, these guys have an extensive range and provide good service:

I find the 30% blend the best for wargaming uses. Less fluffy. Happy felting!


Bluebear Jeff said...

You can generally also find very inexpensive felt squares in Dollar-type stores.

I must say that your games look very good, sir.

And yes, DBA is a much better rule set than many give it credit for. There is a lot of subtlety possible using it . . . but battle luck plays a part as well.

I hope that you continue to have fun with it.

-- Jeff

Steve J. said...

I know exactly what you mean about lack of gaming time. Dux Bellorum is very similar to DBA2.2 in that you can set up a game so quickly with minimal effort and just as quickly pack it away. Fingers crossed I might get such a game in this weekend.

BTW the railway 'curtain' at the back works a treat and your figures look really nice. The felt look works well for the pared down simplicity of DBA2.2.

tradgardmastare said...

Photos look great and the railway scenic background is a most pleasing thing.I have been swithering about getting one for ages..

Mike said...

DBA is good stuff; glad you are enjoying it. We have it scheduled for our October club day. First we have played DBA in years. Simple terrain is best for this as you note. You have to be absolutely clear about where terrain begins and ends.

Jim Walkley said...

Nice pictures. I also enjoy DBA - I can sometimes set up a game when my son visits. It is also an advantage for the butterfly wargamer in me! For roads I use those produced by S & A scenics which have a nice surface on a felt base. I prefer the flexibility of this over the modular terrain I have.

Paul Liddle said...

Takes me back, I played DBA to death back in the 90's. Lovely set up you've got there too.

Ross Mac said...

It is good to have a quick and easy wargame option.

I agree that felt is still useful stuff. I tarted up some felt and roads with a lick of paint - green edges and a few highights but nothing wrong with straight up.

Keith Flint said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. The next DBA thing is to paint up some extra elements to provide options for both sides.

But I'm trying to get my Airfield Attack scenario off the ground at the moment. Must prioritise!

Steve J. said...

Prioritising is easier said than done! I often have a plan of stuff to get done, that is invariably scuppered by work or family commitments. I tend to have several projects on the go as a result, so that I can dip in and out as and when time allows.

BTW looking forward to the airfiled attack scenario and if you need a playtester, just give me a shout.