Wednesday 10 July 2013

Free And Online!

Just a heads up for the latest issue of Warning Order (no.35), which is now available online. A thoroughly interesting issue, I hope you'll agree. Please spread the word - wider recognition of this long-standing project is needed for it to continue and (hopefully) grow and develop.

And by the way, those DBA armies arrived in the post, and were just as nice in real life as in the photos (see post below). A real treat to unpack them and set them out. Very little damage enroute - just some straightening of javelins required. There was even time to squeeze in a first game with my old friend Paul, between the various weekend jobs that always crop up. A tantalising glimpse was obtained of the tactical options that will need to be considered in future games. DBA appears to be a small game with a big playabilty factor. Assuming playability is actually a word.


Steve J. said...

Thanks for the 'heads up' on this Keith. The 'Warning Order' series are consistently excellent and always cover a broad range of subjects. I shall peruse this with pleasure when I have some time to myself.

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing Keith, I didn't even know of that magazine until now!