Thursday 11 June 2009

Austrians in Rout

I have recently ordered a set of the new Rank and File rules from Crusader Publishing. However, they are not here yet so last night's game was played with Minden Rose. Not a bad thing: I haven't had a go with these rules for a while and they produced an excellent battle. Just for once I decided to have a straight encounter punch-up, rather than work out a clever scenario. Below are a few pictures: I won't go into too much detail, but the Austrians (me) were soundly beaten. Cavalry on both flanks fell back then routed, and at the end of the game the infantry in the centre also routed decisively under a hail of Prussian fire.
Tipple of the night was a very pleasant Rioja.

Light infantry occupy the town, which they will hold throughout the game.

Infantry faces off in the centre. The Prussians put everything in a single line, which seemed to work. This was the age of linear warfare after all!

Another view of the centre. No, those aren't Bavarians: a trick of the light in the camera has somehow turned the white Austrian coats to pale blue! Hungarian columns in background.

Destination disaster: the Austrian left flank cavalry are under pressure.

Meanhile the light infantry continue to hold out: mainly because the
Prussians decided not to charge in.

Prussian grenadiers in the centre brace themselves for an Austrian volley.

Run away! In the final move Prussian firepower triumphs. Austrian infantry routs and the Prussians pursue. The C-in-C (centre, with black counter indicating he is inferior) is powerless to stop the rot

And on the right flank the remaining Austrian cavalry are being ushered back over their baseline. The Austrian officer (inferior again!) seems to hang his head in shame, whilst the Prussian officer urges his men on

Light infantry still there in the last move!


Fitz-Badger said...

Enjoyable pics, I love the terrain, buildings and minis!
Ah, well, can't win them all, eh?

Capt Bill said...

Great report and pictures. I really like your buildings...

Keith Flint said...

Cheers Capt. Bill.

Buildings are by JR Miniatures, available in the UK via Magister Militum. They are 15mm, which I prefer as 25mm buildings tend to dominate the table too much for my personal taste. I am a fan of the 'built up area' concept rather treating structures as individual buildings.

I do the same for WW2: the buildings for my 15mm Polish games are 10mm size from Timecast.

Thanks to you and Fitz-Badger for leaving comments.

Best wishes, Keith.

Keith Flint said...

P.S. have added links to both your blogs to my favourites list.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Great battle report. Good-looking troops and terrain.

-- Jeff