Sunday 9 December 2012

A New Project (2)

You Need Friends...
So here's my advice. If you're starting a new wargaming project, and you have a couple of friends who are not only keen wargamers but professional-standard modellers... consult them first, especially before you buy stuff.

We've already seen how my buddy Craig is going to supply the fallschirmjager for this project. Then no sooner have I bought some plastic card and other bits and pieces for a scratch-built hangar than Steve points me towards a site which has a whole host of printed hangars, control towers and other buildings suitable for a WW2 airfield, available for free download. And then he says he'll put them together for me as well, as he's bound to be better at it. Nice! This is the stuff Steve made for his own recent game:

Perfect for what I need. Steve also had some Woodlands Scenics grass mat left over from a previous project which he let me have, so the grass mat I'd bought went back to Antics Model Shop. I spent the refund on some paints and a nice Zvezda 15mm Panzer II. This just keeps getting better and better.

Other Progress
The AA machine guns are completed - here's the kind of thing I was aiming for.

Those funny coloured uniforms are Dutch Army.

And this was the result:

I think the tripods are bit too high, but I only had standing figures available.
The Timecast house is also complete, as you can see. I think it makes a believable
 airfield office/workshop, as well as being a useful general building to add to my collection.

Also finished is the armoured car company.

Now I need to get up the courage to cut out those runways. Once it's done, it can't be undone. I only have enough mat for 1 attempt!

Additional Units
Craig and Steve also came up with some interesting ideas for expanding my German units.

These guys look angry. Should be perfect for storming that airfield.
But how many can you get in a Ju-52?

How many chutes to drop a dinosaur?

Oh yes. Airlanded Panzer Grenadier Mutant Gorillas, supported by Dinosaur Mounted Heavy Weapons. Fortunately Craig was on hand to bring some realism back into the project. I'll only be using the dinosaurs on the command bases. Let's not get silly here.

Stop Press
Apparently those gorillas are now available in 6mm. Excellent! Pygmy Panzer Grenadier Mutant Gorillas!

Let's rock!


Steve J. said...

Glad to see you have been making some good progress on your project. I particulary like the AA MG stands and may attempt something similar for my 10mm chaps, possibly even my 15mm russians.

Now as I'm the first to reply I've bagsied the Gorillas and Dinosaurs for the trial game. How about Pterodactyls as transport for the Luftlande chaps? Any ideas on stats for these?

Keith Flint said...

A man who can spell Pterodactyls can bagsy anything he wants in my book!