Saturday 1 June 2013

A New Project (4)

Well, so much for getting my 'Airfield Attack' project finished soon after Christmas. What with a new job, working away from home, breaking my arm and various other stuff, the project has moved from top of the list to near the bottom. What wargaming time I had ended up being devoted to SYW and getting my DBA thing started.

Motivation can be such a fickle feeling. But then, the good thing about our hobby is you don't really have to be focused if you don't want to be. You can flit from project to project as much as you want most of the time, or you can do nothing at all until the enthusiasm returns. In a niche hobby like ours, the only driving force is yourself. Which is a great attraction, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, the airfield project has received so little attention lately that the fallschirmjager which I was supposed to be borrowing were going up for sale. So I just had to buy them from Craig (of Tiny Terrain fame). Just had to. You know how it is. As the photo shows, they aren't really painted for 1939 (I think Tunisia 1943 is the painting style) but I'm glad to have them. If I decide I don't need to keep them, they can go on ebay eventually. Many thanks to Craig for making them available at 'mates rates'.

I will be employing a fallschirmjager battalion of 9 infantry bases, 3 mg bases, a mortar base and 2 command units, the latter representing battalion commander and regimental commander: this being for Blitzkrieg Commander, of course. The purchase included plenty more stuff which I don't need to use, but which for the moment is a pleasure to own.

Company size group with mg, mortar and command unit.

Won't be using these of course, but a couple of lovely gun bases for your delectation.
Pak 40 and 7.5cm GebG 36, the latter a mountain gun used by airborne artillery units.

Despite the lack of effort, I'm now very nearly there with this project. I have the final 3 (of 6) Ju-52s half painted. I think I will need 8, but at the moment I'm still hoping to borrow the last 2 (are you there Steve?). If not, buying and making up the extras will not be a big task. Then I can get on with playtesting the scenario and having a proper game or two.

As long as I don't get distracted.

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Steve J. said...

Keith I completely agree with your sentiments. At present I'm flitting between Dux Bellorum, DBA and Black Powder, as the mood takes me. I've learnt over the years to wait until the muse is upon me with regards to my wargames projects.

As for the Tante Ju's, they are still in black primer. Give me a deadline to help focus my mind!