Friday, 10 May 2013

Airborne Armour - Multimedia!

Well, you have to move with the times. First published in hardback in 2004, the original print run of 1000 sold out a couple of years ago. The book is still available in paperback, but Helion are determined to move with the times, so you can now also purchase Airborne Armour as an ebook for your Kindle.

Check out the 5 star reviews on Amazon!

So, what is the life of a best-selling author on military subjects like? To give you an idea, I've just received my six-monthly royalties - 12 'real' books sold (hey, that's one a fortnight!), and 9 ebooks. Total royalties £21.18. A good steady income of £3.53p a month.

So it's off to the Porsche dealers tomorrow.

So long suckers! 


Steve J. said...

How the other half live!

Itinerant said...

Thank you for letting some of us 99 percenters actually comment on your blog.

Now I need to put your book up on my wish list.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I ordered your book through my library and really enjoyed it. Aviation and military history are my passions and the story of airborne tanks is really amazing! Looking to buy the ebook version soon. Thanks for a very readable account!

The Geeks said...

Thanks for providing such a great article, it was excellent and very informative.
as a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed.
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit I'd feel ripped off if I'd written a book and got £1 per copy sold especially when the e-book is £16!

Adam J said...

Hi Keith

I'm hoping to run a BKC2 British airborne vs Germans scenario next week....but really struggling for a good scenario. Got any ideas you can help me with please? Thanks AJ

Keith Flint said...

Hi Adam,

I did develop a 'Parkerforce' scenario representing the deployment of 6th AARR plus supporting elements in a proposed aggressive reconnaissance role, which was cancelled during D-Day.

The problem is that that was quite some time ago and I'm not sure I can dig up the details.

There would be plenty of scenarios from the advance after the Normandy breakout, with 6th Airborne paras attacking supported by Cromwells (and maybe the odd Centaur).

If you have the book there is information there that might help you. If the Parkerforce thing is of interest, I can try and find the details of my scenario for you, or summarise the Parkerforce plan for you if you don't have the book. Then you can develop your own scenario.

Cheers, Keith.