Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Blitzkrieg @ Colours 2009

Frankly, I didn't want to do it. Blitzkrieg Commander at Newbury? No way, no day. I thought Colours 2007 would be my last job. But you don't say no to Big Dave (aka Kiwidave). So I had to box up the armoured train again and get in the motor with Steve.
Take plenty of photos, Dave said. I didn't say no.

Three wargamers ready to go. Left to right: Rob, Dave, Steve. Rob is fairly happy in this shot. We don't know the guy behind Rob. He had a bigger table than us, he had more figures than us and the figures were bigger than ours. We ignored him.

Below: Dave's Rhine crossing game. You don't need a big table to do nice terrain.

Rob is happy. He thinks he is winning. He isn't.

Below: Steve and Keith's Poland game. Check out the command stand with a deserter being shot. Nice!

BT-7s demolish armoured train.

Polish CO looks on impotently.

Above: a nice shot taken by someone else.

Above: The second Poland game. The Poles are finding out why the scenario is called 'encirclement'.

Some other games that took my eye:

Nice 25mm ECW just across the way from us.

Above and below. Really classy 15mm 100 years war demo at the Donnington Miniatures stand.
Awesome painting skills.

Interesting game set in WW1.

Above and below: this is the way to demo a refight of a real battle. Really informative and beautifully set up game of Naseby from the Pike and Shot Society.

28mm WW2. Not really my thing but quite striking.

Only two disappointments during the day. The first was wasting £5 on the worst sausage and chips I've ever had. The second was Steve picking arguments about Flames of War with passing gamers. This is just one example. I didn't realise he was that kind of guy.

End of the day. Four happy wargamers. Alright, three happy wargamers. Rob is not happy. Rob has lost his game. I told you I didn't want to do it...

If you want a full set of pics of everything that happened at Colours this year, check out this site.

Love. I'm out.

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