Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Post of Honour v.2

Anyone who has tried these rules so far, or who might fancy a set of straightforward SYW rules, can download the new version using the following links:

Post of Honour v.2

Post of Honour v.2 Playsheet

I'm really quite pleased with the new version - morale and rallying have been slimmed down, and the resulting game plays really well. Plus there is an enhanced role for command figures, which I think makes for some enjoyable game play - hence the photo above.

All feedback welcomed, here or in the suitable thread on the HoW website:

Simple SYW/Post of Honour

Best wishes, Keith.

Update: 16th April 2019
An interesting blogging phenemenon seems to have arisien around this post. I was puzzled by the hundreds of hits this post was receiving, but the almost complete absence of comments which one would expect to accompany such intense interest. I then discovered that 'Post of Honour' is the title of a novel by the very popular R.F.Delderfield, and guess what - Delderfield's Post of Honour is volume 2 in a trilogy of books.

So no one is searching for my rules, they're searching for a popular novel. The downside is that this post is likely to remain at the head of the 'most popular posts' list until this blog closes down. Once the next version of these rules goes public, this post will therefore need deleting. Perhaps that will reduce the number of disappointed Deldefield fans visiting by mistake. Sorry guys!

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Steve J. said...

Looking forward to having a read of the latest version and of course another battle sometime soon:)